It's important to note that the BRC-420 platform currently only supports Unisat and lacks Xverse support.


To start, inscribe your texture. We recommend utilizing for this process, as it refrains from applying image optimizations or unnecessary alterations.

After inscribing your texture, proceed to copy the Inscription ID. Save it in a secure location, as it will be required in the next step. Note that the Inscription ID always concludes with 'i0'; in this example, the Inscription ID is '05eea947c7b0105bbfd4066f41150482f99e3ebbcabafcc90cc60a1ec76c2d68i0'.


In the following step, you'll need to inscribe the HTML file that brings all the elements together and produces an avatar preview. We've provided a template that you can download here:

<metaverse p="brc-420" src="/content/5e2d04efb32bc584af0f86ca9d0744186c680ced298a33235dc913a5f13e2f34i0" srctype="glb" name="AVATAR_NAME">
      <texture src="/content/TEXTURE_INSCRIPTION_ID" srctype="png" propname="diffuseMap, opacityMap"></texture>
<bitmap-explorer category="owner" type="3d avatar" usable="0" construction="false"></bitmap-explorer>
   <previewhtml src="./"></previewhtml>
<script src="/content/283c7f75af3668c2b3653e11aef82ecb0a50e95a80495f0b8e718c7bfc055f8di0" async></script>

To customize the HTML file, open it with your preferred text editor. Replace TEXTURE_INSCRIPTION_ID with the Inscription ID of your texture. Additionally, change AVATAR_NAME to your preferred avatar name. Save the file and proceed to inscribe it.

You're almost there! The final step involves connecting your wallet to and clicking on "Deploy" in the top navigation bar.

Opt for HTML on the left. If everything has been executed correctly, your freshly crafted avatar should be visible. To make it metaverse-compatible and available for trading on the platform, proceed to deploy it. Click on 'Deploy' below the avatar preview, input details like name, price, and supply. Follow the subsequent steps to finalize the deployment process. And there you have it! If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to join our Discord server.

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